Proposed Dorrie Miller Bike Park Receives Support from City of Lewisburg

Dec 27, 2023 | News

On Tuesday December 19, 2023, after considering input from board members of the Greenbrier Valley Off-Road Biking Association (GVORBA), the Lewisburg City Council voted in favor of providing a formal letter of support for the proposed Dorrie Miller Bike Park.  This crucial letter of support will allow GVORBA to pursue grant funding, bringing the project one step closer to becoming a reality.  

Dorie Miller Park is a 10.6-acre park and public works storage in downtown Lewisburg that the city is actively reclaiming.  The proposed concept for Dorie Miller Park includes a short section of directional skills trails, a pumptrack, and tot track. These amenities will focus on beginner to intermediate riders with an emphasis on very young learners accompanied by parents or other adult guardians.  The concept is in keeping with the present use and physical situation of the park.  This bike skills park would be the first of its kind in the area.

Proposed Plan

Founding GVORBA board members Nicole Falk and Clay Elkins presented the agenda item to Lewisburg City Council, outlining the conceptual plan for the bike park and the value this piece of biking infrastructure would add to the community.

As outlined by Falk, the benefits of bike infrastructure are numerous and include raising property values, relieving road congestion, providing better access to commercial areas, and encouraging a healthy active lifestyle among residents. 

“Mile per mile, building bike trails costs 240% less than building freeways and bike infrastructure building creates 30% more jobs than road building,” cited Falk.

Clay Elkins explained why Dorie Miller Park is an optimal location for this project citing its central location and existing infrastructure such as restrooms and water access, as well as its proximity to more traditional park and sports activities. He pointed out that this would be an area that could be accessed by many area children without the need for a vehicle ride from their parents. Falk added that, although the features of a bike skills park are optimized for cyclists, they are often enjoyed by scooter riders, rollerbladers, skateboarders, and even remote control car enthusiasts.

Elkins went on to emphasize that a park of this kind caters to a broad range of ages and skillsets.“Biking is something that these kids can do for the rest of their lives,” Elkins said. “This park could be used by the whole family, from the little tots all the way up to the pa-pas.” Successful “bike playgrounds”, as he termed them, have a very low barrier to entry and offer family friendly recreation to all levels and ages.

The city council voted unanimously to offer their blessing and a formal letter of support. With this blessing, GVORBA intends to apply for a  grant from the West Virginia Recreational Economies Initiative (WV REI) administered by Partner Community Capital for $30k to be used to obtain construction documents to build the bike park.


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